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Celebrate Life! Relax! Enjoy the Moment! Revel in Beauty! Share togetherness! Create Memories!

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Henna Happens

Welcomes You!

About Henna Happens

Art, Creativity & Sharing Happiness

Henna Happens was created in 2011 by Barbara Hutchins.

Henna is an art form that is thousands of years old and goes by many names including Mendhi, Heena and Hina. Like all art, it has myriad styles from different regions and time periods. All very beautiful. Indian, Moroccan, Middle Eastern, Gulf styles to name a few.

Henna Happens is committed to quality: including all natural, organic, freshly hand made henna paste,  with  pure essential oil blends. Reliable, punctual services and genuine caring for customers has kept clients coming back again and again. Always improving and evolving, now offering Henna  Workshops, and private lessons! Available throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to a 40 mile radius. 

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Henna Happens where there is Joy, Beauty, Love, Celebration & Relaxation!

Henna Happens as Spontaneous Art!
In our fast paced world, henna offers a chance to stop time and enter into a peaceful, relaxing place of calm and beauty. A true henna artist gives not only beautiful spontaneous designs, but the transfer of positive energy from a place of inner silence. This ancient art form invites us to be present, mindful and patient- all of which are soothing to body, mind and spirit. Thousands of years old, henna predates photocopiers by, well, a lot. The best designs are created spontaneously in the moment, for each unique person individually. Because you never step into the same river twice!

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Celebrate Life! 


Amazing work!

I was rushing to find someone last minute to provide henna before my wedding and not only was Barbara very responsive, but she was also so sweet. I had a wonderful experience with her and I know the ladies at my party did as well! She brought many decorations and just added her own style to our night. It was amazing. I cannot recommend her highly enough!​

Sway Wu

September 27th, 2023​

Great for Our Corporate Event!

Barbara was very easy to work with and got setup seamlessly for our corporate event. Would recommend her to others for this type of event as she was very comfortable with the amount of people and workplace setting! Lots of happy employees were able to receive unique, beautiful henna designs thanks to Barbara.

Meghan Vaughan

October 30th, 2023

Above and Beyond!

If you are looking for a henna artist in the bay area I cannot recommend anyone better! We had Barbara for two days, once for my wedding henna and then for our party the next day. She was kind and professional. Easy to talk to. But her work was above and beyond! She had such cool designs and really put in the time and effort to make them all look great. She even left some extra henna and oil if anything needed to be fixed. All our guests loved it and would hands down book with her again!!!

Sarah Barry

June 17th, 2022

Get in Touch

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA.

Travel to events within a 40 mile radius. Also, personal appointments available locally.

510 522 6786

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